Clearly Invisible Becomes an Experience, Launches Tumblr

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You asked for it? You've got it! Welcome to the Tumblr for Clearly Invisible. We encourage you to contribute your voice to this project. To learn more, keep reading. To learn even more, order Clearly Invisible then keep reading.

Here’s how you can participate:

1. Submit your story to our Tumblr blog —we’d love to hear from you, passer or not!

  • * Pick a question to answer from the poll or make your own.
  • * Choose how you’d like to submit. We appreciate text submissions but you can submit in other formats.
  • * Indicate the question you’re answering or your topic in the title or post section! This will help us a ton when organizing the submissions.

2. Ask us a question or submit your own for the author!

  • * Click on the “Ask Me Anything” button.
  • * Ask a question about the book or Marcia.