Clutch Magazine: Despite the Browning of America, Things May Not Still Be Equal

Clutch Magazine covers Dr. Dawkins's interview with Washington Post's The Root.

Recently, The Root caught up with Brown University scholar Marcia Alesan Dawkins to discuss the growing “tan generation” and what it means for America.

According to Dawkins, having a minority majority may and may not mean positive things for America.

She explains:

Saying More About Passing & Mixed Race Beauty on NPR

Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor has died at the age of 79. The screen icon became a 12-year-old sensation in the movie, "National Velvet". She went on to star in 53 films, winning two Oscars for her work. In Tell Me More's occasional "Beautyshop" conversation, guest host Farai Chideya looks back on the Taylor's life and discusses Allure Magazine's new survey on changing notions of beauty in America.

Mixing it Up with Mixed Chicks Chat

Mixed Chicks Chat is the award-winning, LIVE, weekly podcast about the Mixed experience: interracial relationships, transracial adoption and Biracial / Hapa / Mixed identity. In Episode #153, Dr. Dawkins chatted with the Chicks about her experiences with multiracial identity and her research on racial passing as a provocative form of communication. Enjoy!!

Seeing Racial Passing as Colorblind Beauty

“They can also download a phone app that will show them how much the cream will lighten their skin over time,” explains Dawkins.

“This cuts across gender lines, it’s racism; even if it’s not the way we in the U.S. generally think about it. It’s the way we think about race on a larger scale that greatly impacts the beauty and fashion industry.”