Marcia Takes on Politicians Passing as One of Us on KCUR

With the upcoming political conventions, candidates are banking not only on their platforms to win over voters, but on their personalities.

They look to identify with various groups of voters and they do it by "passing", stressing an aspect of themselves to connect with their audience. Having a beer at a state fair or bringing your 78-year old mother along to at a retirement community are ways politicians look to pass as one of us. Listen here.

The Washington Informer Reviews Clearly Invisible

Nothing in life is ever as it seems.

The package of potato chips feels full, but you find 12 chips inside when you open it up. It appears that you've got plenty of money for vacation, then you actually get there. The party sure seemed fun, until the next morning. Your new co-worker was nice, before his first temper tantrum.

Things – and sometimes people – can be something they're not. They "pass" for various reasons and in the new book "Clearly Invisible" by Marcia Alesan Dawkins, you'll find out why it happens and how multiracialism will change that.

Philadelphia Tribune Gives Clearly Invisible Some Love

Passing remains a part of empowerment...

The topic of “passing” has been a controversial one within the African-American community for generations. “Passing” is usually understood as an abbreviation for “racial passing” and describes the fact of being accepted, or representing oneself successfully as a member of a different group. In today’s multicultural and multifaceted world one would think that passing would not be a present day issue or discussion, yet racial identity is as much a part of the national dialogue as it has ever been.

Bossip Says, "We Thought Passing Was So Passé! "

Bossip caught the "buzz" about Clearly Invisible. Here's what they said, "There’s a new book out on the topic of racial passing but this time it also explores people passing for the opposite sex and the other ways people take on alternate identities to pave the way to their desired paths in life. We thought the trailer was pretty interesting... Does this make you want to read the book?

Left of Black Welcomes the Release of Clearly Invisible

Renown professor Mark Anthony Neal's show celebrates the release of Clearly Invisible with an intro post on his blog, "New Black Man." Along with the trailer he posts, "CI offers powerful testimony to the fact that individual identities are never fully self-determined..." Here's the interview on Left of Black.

Meet Digital Sisterhood Leader Marcia Alesan Dawkins

Meet Digital Sisterhood Leader Marcia Alesan Dawkins, Ph.D., a citizen of the world with something to say! In the world of academia, Marcia is a visiting scholar at Brown University. When she leaves academia, she shares her gifts and opinions as an author, blogger, columnist, and speaker. Her forthcoming book, Clearly Invisible will be published by Baylor University Press in August. Guess what? It’s groundbreaking. Why? Read on...

The Root: On the Future of the 'Tan Generation'

A Browner America: Marcia Alesan Dawkins says an increase in nonwhite births doesn't automatically mean more social justice. Dr. Dawkins talked to The Root about the significance of America's becoming a browner nation (with 50.4 percent of children under age 1 identified as Hispanic, black, Asian American or members of another ethnic minority group) for a series of interviews focused on whether, and why, we should pay attention to these demographic changes.